Mineral Fuels and the Future

It is widely believed that mineral fuels will be used less and less in the future. In fact this is almost a certainty given there is a limited supply, the question is how much longer will we continue to use mineral fuels. As it stands right now it looks like we will continue to use them for quite some time. This is going to cause some problems that will eventually reduce the amount of mineral fuels that we use in the future.

There is good reason to question the future of mineral fuels as they are likely to become an increasing issue in the future. The main problem with mineral fuels is that there is a limited amount of them. At some point we are going to run out of mineral fuels so finding alternatives is important. Admittedly the threat that we are going to run out of oil is not right around the corner. It is estimated that at our current rate of usage there are enough fossil fuels to last for at least another hundred years. The problem is that we are unlikely to maintain our current rate of usage. As countries like China and India become more and more wealthy there will be an increased demand for oil. Given the massive populations involved this increase could be massive.

Even if there is no immediate risk that we are going to run out of fuel it is almost certainty that the price of the fuel will increase dramatically. The increasing demand will inevitably result in higher prices for fuel in the future. This will be exacerbated by the fact that the easy to get at mineral fuels have already been used. While there is still a strong supply of these fuels most of it is located in difficult to reach places. The cost of getting it out of the ground is only going to be justified if prices remain high. This is going to cause a problem for countries that rely heavily on mineral fuels, especially the ones that have to import their fuels. The high prices are almost certainly going to have a negative impact on the economy.

The environmental damage that mineral fuels cause is also going to be an issue that will limit their future. As the concern about global warming increases there will be an increasing demand for alternative energy sources. Many people are already making the decision that they are going to limit their use of mineral fuels for the good of the environment. In the past the biggest problem that alternative energy sources have faced is that they cost more than the more traditional energy sources. However with high oil prices looking like they are here to stay this is going to be less of an issue. This will make them more attractive than they have been in the past and almost certainly reduce the amount of mineral fuels that get used.